Engine Remapping in Reading with Rolling Road Testing Facilities

Car & Motorsport Services cover the Reading and Berkshire areas as engine remapping specialists. Partnered with the leading brand, Quantum Remap, we work with some of the UK’s greatest ECU software specialists to get the very best out of your vehicle.


Our remapping facilities and Dynostar rolling road go together hand-in-hand to unlock your vehicles hidden power. Whether it is a simple power run curve to show your BHP or pre and post re-map figures to show off your improvements, printed and emailed graphs are always available to back up our results.


A clear understanding of engine remapping and how it all works can be the key to ensuring you’re getting exactly what you want from our services.


What is a remap and how does it work?

Remapping is the programming and coding of your car’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to give it more torque, power and fuel economy. Car & Motorsport Services can re-programme your ECU to change how it controls the engine and can also remove any limits placed on it. This service can be provided to all customers in Reading and the surrounding Berkshire area.


The software is installed using a laptop and usually only takes about an hour. As a driving enthusiast, you do not need or want such restrictions placed upon your vehicle’s ECU and its performance. Therefore, you can benefit from more of the hidden power and torque locked away within your engine management system that remapping can bring out.


Below are the stages of remapping that we offer and the benefits they provide:


Green: Max Economy – Good Power

Green is designed to provide heightened fuel economy in turbo diesel engines. Remapping adjusts engine torque limits so that our Reading and Berkshire customers benefit from extra performance and enhanced economy at lower RPMs. At higher RPMs, the software we use encourages shifting through the gearbox so that engines always run inside their optimal window. reen remapping is particularly popular among larger fleet clients, who improve bottom line profits through extra MPG improvement counts.


Red: High Power – Ultimate Road

Red unleashes the full potential of your vehicle’s engine. This remapping option can be installed on vehicles with petrol and diesel engines. Perfect for the times where extra power and torque are needed, such as when carrying extra-heavy loads, Red results in optimised acceleration and a wider torque window so that clients in Reading and Berkshire can enjoy driving their newly-mapped vehicle.


Blue: Power/Eco

Blue is our most popular remapping package and gives our customers the perfect combination of power and economy on any turbo diesel engine. By optimising the true torque and power range, Blue de-restricts engines to deliver an enhanced driving experience with the added benefit of improved fuel consumption figures.


We offer a remapping package at our Reading garage which is inclusive of a full diagnostic health check and a rolling road test to check your current power, torque and BHP. The remap of the ECU will be followed by a code check and we’ll also give you 25% off a post-power run if you decide you want to put your new figures onto a graph at a later date.


Our garage in Reading can provide engine remapping services for vehicle owners in all parts of Berkshire. Call us now for further help and advice.

Our garage in Reading can provide remapping services for vehicle owners in all parts of Berkshire. Call us on 0118 967 7777 for further help and advice.

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