Answering Questions on Remapping and Car Servicing in Reading

Motorists in Reading who are unhappy with the results of engine remapping with a 30 day money back guarantee. We hope that our responses provide you with a clearer insight into engine remapping, car servicing and use of our rolling road. Car and Motorsport Services is one of the most customer-focused garages to cover Reading and Berkshire so please feel free to call us if you have any questions of your own.

What is engine remapping and does my vehicle need it?


Your vehicle ECU stores data that determines how your vehicle performs. Most vehicles are restricted by manufacturer settings so our engine remapping services are designed to help you unleash the true power of your engine. By changing the data and analysing a graph, we can instantly improve performance, reliability and economy.


We are proud to offer our customers a full choice of remapping packages, all of which provide distinctive power and economy characteristics. Motorists in Reading who are unhappy with the results of engine remapping with a 30 day money back guarantee. It’s all part of the great service we provide!

What is the purpose of your rolling road?


Our Reading garage has a modern Dynostar rolling road. It is important to note than no other garages in Reading have this particular type of rolling road facility. When used in conjunction with our remapping services, Car and Motorsport Services can help vehicle owners to optimise torque, power and BHP.


Our rolling road can be used to display power run curves or to give our Reading customers pre and post-remapping statistics that show how our services have improved performance.

Can you undertake car servicing work on any vehicle?


Absolutely. We can provide full and interim car servicing on any make and model. Additionally, we also undertake traditional repairs. While our garage in Reading happily accepts car servicing work for on-road models, our expertise extends to classic and race cars.


We undertake car servicing at a fraction of the cost of main dealership garages in the Reading area but still adhere to the same schedules set out by your manufacturer. Warranties stay intact at all times as we use OEM parts.

Do you offer any other specialist services?


Yes, we do. Because our garage in Reading has an engineering workshop, we can test cylinder heads for cracks and leaks. We also provide a skimming service that will ensure your cylinder head is completely flat.


We are genuine engine management and diagnostic specialists. Today’s most advanced equipment can be plugged into your ECU port by our highly experienced team of trained technicians so that stored fault codes can be retrieved and analysed.

Call our garage in Reading on (0118) 967 7799 today to discuss remapping, car servicing or use of our rolling road.

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